Tears Are Not Enough – A Drive to End Homelessness in Canada

On March 1, 2015, a select group of very talented independent musicians from all over Canada were brought together by Executive Producer Jon Ede to re-record a new, updated version of the original 1985 Northern Lights single “Tears Are Not Enough”. The goal of our non-profit organization, which began with Brandon Clarkson, is to end homelessness in Victoria and across Canada. Help us to end homelessness by following us on Twitter where you can also stay updated on the number of donations we’ve received and which new artists have joined our cause.

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Every day we walk by people on the streets who are not there by choice. They struggle with pain, addiction, starvation, the rain, cold and most of all the lack of love and support from people. Tears Are Not Enough is the message to the public to reach out and help by donating your heart and whatever you can afford to help keep more shelters open and these forgotten souls out of harms’ way.

We are all part of humanity and when we turn our heart away from others we are turning our hearts away from each other. We are all part of the human race and sometimes Tears Are Not Enough.
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Freedom From Homelessness Society | Lay-off fears
Imagine losing your job due to a lay-off, or being fired, replaced or not having a job or a home at all. With those few words, your life can change. You may have to leave your home and your job to end up on the streets or at the Salvation Army or a shelter. Your world becomes a series of huge anxiety attacks and stress – worse if you have a family to take care of.

Freedom From Homelessness Society can help. However, this is not something we can do alone and in these tough economic times, your assistance is more important than ever. We need your support to ensure homelessness ends and people get the help they need in their time of crisis.

There are many ways you can help – you can donate funds, which will be used to help the homeless. You can also help in a very meaningful way – by becoming a registered board member or by purchasing the new Tears Are Not Enough. You may save a life.

In addition to helping individuals and families, our Society is committed to raising awareness across the country about homelessness – it’s such a simple, easy and important thing to do.

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Across Canada - Canadian News Papers pick up the ending to homelessness.

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